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In our world of financial services, we do not make guarantees. However, we believe that you, as clients, may experience some of the following potential benefits:

1) If you have a medical check-up and the physician confirms your health is excellent, you will feel good and be grateful. If you learn there is an issue, you will want appropriate guidance to deal with the challenge. Similarly, we expect you to benefit whether we communicate “all is in order” or we provide advice to improve your financial situation. Our caring, conscientious, and knowledgeable approach can facilitate your financial peace of mind.

2) Uncertainty can be a cause of unnecessary anxiety. Our tools clearly paint the picture of where you stand in relationship to your goals. This can help eliminate the doubts and concerns. It helps to know that you are in good shape relative to your goals. Even if you are not in good shape relative to your goals, it also helps to know that. Not knowing is worse than knowing.

3) Inevitably you will have questions and concerns in the financial realm. We do not know all the answers, but you might be surprised how many we have. Richard has been an active CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional since 1983. Jim has been a key member of the Coe Financial Services team since 2007.

4) If we do not know the answers or cannot provide the services you need, we probably can point you to others who can help you.

5) One of the reasons Richard and Jim have enjoyed this profession as much as we do is that there is always more to learn. There is a need for both breadth and depth. For example, we are knowledgeable regarding retirement planning, estate planing, risk management and insurance, but we have the most depth and experience in the investment arena (and this is our primary business).  Our clients also benefit from our understanding of related disciplines.

6) We keep getting better at what we do. In 2013 we introduced a whole new approach to our investment management services. Richard will tell you he is more excited about what we now offer in this realm than ever before.

7) One size does not fit all. We believe we have a great selection of portfolio options. Contrasting approaches such as Strategic and Tactical can both be legitimate. We offer both, as well as a Blend. We can help you determine which approach or combination might work best for you. You might even be eligible for our Active approach.

8) We have access to very helpful quantitative data regarding financial markets on a daily basis. We use this data to help us implement the various portfolios we offer. While Richard especially enjoys reading, studying, and processing economic and financial matters, we are extremely pleased that our resources extend far beyond our office walls. We want to do a great job for our clients so we seek to take advantage of state of the art tools and techniques.

9) We are proactive. We initiate with you to schedule review sessions. If it is not easy for you to get to our office but you have access to a computer, we can arrange an on-line meeting where you see our computer screen while we talk on the phone.

10) We use a variety of approaches to communicate with clients including phone calls, email, letters, videos, and newsletters.