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Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds.  Some have accumulated wealth, some have high income, some have new money to invest.  A number of our clients are widows.

Accumulated Wealth

Often retired or approaching retirement, these clients realize that their money has to last as long as they do.  Additionally, they may want to leave something for the next generation.  When these clients invest their hard earned money, they are looking for security and peace of mind.  They really appreciate having a trusted financial advisor who understands them and provides helpful financial counsel.

High Income

A high income does not guarantee financial independence.   The high income years provide opportunity for accumulation.  However, saving money is never easy.  The three ingredients for financial accumulation are time, money, and rate of return.  The more of any one you have, the less of the other two are needed.

These clients may be professionals, business owners or executives.  We help them capitalize on the years of opportunity.  While often willing to assume more risk, they typically are not trying to "hit home runs."  They want a planning approach that encompasses their current lifestyle and an investment strategy that delivers solid performance over the long haul.

Money to Invest

People may have new money to invest as a result of an inheritance or a retirement plan rollover.  A huge transfer of wealth from one generation to the next is occurring.  Prudent people recognize an inheritance as a nonrecurring event and seek to make sound decisions for that money so the benefits will last.

Retirement plan rollovers after a job change also provide significant amounts of capital for investment.  Often these are times of transition and people want a more professional approach to their money management.  They feel more comfortable with the investment decisions because they have help with the process.


We care for all of our clients, but widows sometimes recognize this quicker and are even more appreciative.  It can be helpful to recognize one's need for help, and often widows do.

General Observations

Our clients want to know what they should be doing with their money, especially in the context of retirement.  They understand how important sound investments are in allowing them to care for their families and to do the things they want to do.