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We offer a complimentary "Get Acquainted" meeting to describe our services, and to see if our services are right for you.

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Ask the Questions

It all starts with the right questions.  Coe Financial Services specializes in asking the right questions.  These questions help you discover your priorities and help us understand the financial implications.

While of course we ask questions about your assets, liabilities, income, and expenses, we go deeper than that.  We ask you to help us understand your values, your concerns, and your aspirations.

Agree on a Strategy/Plan

Some clients want financial planning assistance and some want investment management services.  Most of our clients want both.  Some also want asset allocation services for retirement plan accounts.

Great accomplishments often start with a plan.  It helps to have a common understanding of where you are in relation to your goals, and what needs to happen to accomplish your objectives.

Why take more risk than necessary to meet your goals?

We have state of the art tools to help us with planning.

We have a great menu of portfolio choices.  We provide very helpful background information regarding potential implications of different portfolio choices, facilitating informed and appropriate decisions.

We have the systems and the data to stay on top of your portfolio and keep you informed.

Annual Plan Updates and Periodic Reviews

A well-planned, appropriately designed and periodically monitored investment portfolio is comforting and encouraging.  Periodic professional reviews, typically on a semi-annual basis, are extremely important.  There will be changes in your circumstances or goals, and sometimes changes in your portfolio will be warranted.

Whether the review session results in an "Everything is fine" or "These things should be done...", these regular meetings are beneficial and help you and your advisor stay focused on your financial affairs..

Tell Your Friends

Our business has grown through innovation and referrals.  Due to the level of trust we have established and due to their desire to benefit those they care about, many of our clients have encouraged their friends or relatives to use our services.  We want all new clients to be so pleased with our services that they do the same.

Getting Started
Contact us

Please let us know if you are interested in gaining more information from us.  Feel free to call, e-mail, or contact us through this web site.

In addition, we would like to know what prompted you to contact us.  This assists us in staying sensitive to changing needs.  We know that your time is valuable and we want to be sure we can help you.

Initial meeting

The primary purpose of the initial meeting is to assure ourselves we are comfortable working with each other.  Our distinctive style of asking questions will give you a feel for our method of doing business.   Our commitment to excellence starts with getting  acquainted with you and ascertaining what is important to you.  You will have ample opportunity to ask questions.

There is no obligation or charge for the initial meeting.

Fact Finding/ Questionnaire

As soon as we are comfortable with the possibility of working together, we will gather the information we need to assist you with your financial affairs through a "Discovery" meeting.  We learn facts and discover feelings since we need to understand what is significant to you and what you are willing to do to accomplish your objectives.

Financial Planning/ Asset Management Recommendations

After hearing from you and reviewing your financial information, we will further explain the specific services we recommend for you.  We will also discuss compensation for services.  When there is agreement that our services are fully compatible with your needs,  we move ahead with the process.