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Within the financial services industry there is great disparity both in 1) fee schedules and in 2) what the client gets for the fees paid.

Coe Financial Services is intentionally a "for profit" business and we believe the best way to grow our profits is to provide excellent value to our clients.

Financial Planning Services

The minimum fee for an initial financial plan is $1,200.

The minimum fee for our ongoing financial planning retainer service is $1,800 for the first year.

Investment Management Services

Our standard fee schedule for investment management services is tiered.  It starts at 1.2% on the first $250,000 and has breakpoints at $500,000, and $1,000,000.  While larger relationships often take more time, a $2,000,000 relationship is typically not four times as much work as a $500,000 relationship.  For this reason we have a very competitive fee of 0.5% for amounts in excess of $1,000,000.

Our active portfolio approach is considerably more labor intensive and the fee starts at 1.5% on the first $250,000.  Typically the minimum account size for an "active" account is $500,000.  For amounts above $500,000 the "standard" and "active" fee schedules are identical.

For our limited management "Bull-Bear" service the fees are a flat (non-tiered) 0.5%.

Our "Double Defense" portfolio approach has a tiered fee schedule that starts at 0.9% on the first $250,000.

Asset Allocation Services

For our asset allocation services the fees are 1.0% on the first $1,000,000, then 0.5%.

Potential Benefits from Combining Services

Each of the above services is reasonably priced as a stand-alone service.  We welcome the opportunity to provide comprehensive service and will often provide certain financial planning services without additional charges (waiving some or all of the financial planning fees) to clients who make sufficient use of our investment management and/or asset allocation services.