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Our Core Values PDF Print E-mail
HONESTY - Trust is the backbone of our business.
  • Dishonesty will not be tolerated with clients, prospects, or other employees.
  • Misleading communication will not be tolerated.
RESPECT - Helping people achieve their goals is both a privilege and a profound responsibility.
  • We diligently seek to understand you and to appreciate what matters to you before we make any recommendations.
  • We believe you are more important than your money and we show our respect by striving to learn how money fits into your life.
  • We work effectively with your other advisors and, when appropriate, recommend additions to your team.
PROFESSIONALISM - We understand when we can help and when we should refer clients to other professionals.
  • We do not promise more than we can deliver.
  • We understand the risk and return potential of the investment strategies we recommend.
  • Our recommendations are always provided in the context of your goals and objectives.
  • We are committed to independent professional advice based on sound financial principles.
COMMUNICATION - Many problems can be avoided or solved through good communication.
  • To identify potential issues before they become serious problems, we initiate systematic review sessions with agendas personalized for you.
  • We answer questions and address concerns in a prompt, courteous, and comprehensible manner.
  • Emotions can wreak havoc on long-term objectives, so we provide seasoned counsel in challenging markets and a dose of realism in exuberant markets.
SERVICE - We believe in conscientious, highly personal service.
  • We have invested in systems, procedures, and technology to support our work with you.
  • Whether it is a routine service request or a complex issue, we make every effort to answer the question or resolve the issue as soon as possible.
  • We look for ways to be helpful.  Whether we are recommending a CPA, an estate planning attorney, or encouraging you to visit with your property and casualty agent about umbrella insurance, we serve as an advocate for you.