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Responsibility belongs with money.

People make wiser decisions with their money when they have a better understanding of what matters to them in life. Similarly, we can make more appropriate recommendations for our clients when we have a full understanding of what matters to them.

We recognize that there are many questions regarding money, and sometimes the answers are not easy. Some people spend too much; others spend too little. There are trade-offs between today and tomorrow.  Some people take too much risk, while others are too conservative.

Managing Investment Risk

Since the financial crisis of 2008-2009 major central banks (especially the Fed) have purchased staggering amounts of government bonds.  While the effectiveness of this unprecedented amount of so-called "quantitative easing" can be debated, the inherent risk of bubbles should not be ignored.  This massive experiment is not sustainable.  As well informed people know, it will likely "end in tears".

While the risk is great and the possibility of a "happy ending" remote, it is extremely difficult to know when bubbles might burst or problems might explode.

For this reason we believe it is important to be nimble with investment assets.  We are not confusing this period of time with the 1980s and 1990s when we experienced a long secular bull market.

There is a pain in being in the stock market when stocks are falling and a pain in not being in the market when stocks are rising.

We have sophisticated, time-tested metrics to help us determine appropriate portfolio moves based on what is happening in the financial markets.  Ultimately all prices are determined by supply and demand.  Quantitative data is used to help ascertain what is happening with supply and demand in different asset classes.

We believe better information helps produce better decisions.

Financial markets have always surprised and will continue to do so.  Of course this means there are no guarantees and there is always risk.

We believe several factors should be considered in determining how much investment risk should be assumed.  For example-

1)  How much risk do you need to take to accomplish your goals?

2)  What is your comfort level with investment risk?  (We measure this with a statistically valid risk tolerance questionnaire).

3)  How much confidence do you have in the portfolio approach used to manage investment risk?

4)  What is your investment time horizon?

The ups and downs of financial markets can be seen as "friend or foe." We are comfortable with both active management and passive funds and we use both.  We believe diversification is one of the most important financial principles.

Moving Ahead

While some mistakes involve action, often inaction or procrastination can be even bigger mistakes. While we like to offer helpful planning ideas and superior investment strategies, we recognize that part of our value comes in simply being available to our clients and encouraging them to do what they should to meet their goals.

Whether it means the privilege of helping pay for the education of children or grandchildren, the enjoyment of hobbies or travel during retirement years, the joy of giving, or the peace of mind from knowing one`s financial house is in order, we want our clients to experience the benefits that may flow from good stewardship of money.

To this end, our approach is characterized by open and honest communication with our clients and the deployment of state of the art tools and strategies to help them.

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